No Need For Police; Florida State DB Nick Waisome Solves Own Burglary

Nick WaisomeFlorida State cornerback Nick Waisome didn’t need police to solve a burglary that took place in his Tallahassee Apartment earlier this month.

The Seminole walked into his apartment on July 5th where two people were in the process of trying to rob items. Waisome attempted to stop both men from fleeing the scene, chasing after Mario Crawford, and Tavares Rumph. Crawford got away, but Rumph was not as lucky. After all, Waisome spends most of his afternoon tackling people to the ground.

Those football skills came into good use, as Waisome was able to apprehend Rumph and contain him until police arrived. But as was reported earlier Crawford had escaped for the time being.

Flash forward a couple of weeks later on July 29th, and Waisome saw the car that he had described to police as the getaway vehicle. He wrote down the tag number and called it in to police, who then arrested Crawford. Perhaps it wasn’t smart of Crawford to also be wearing some shorts that he took from Waisome in the robbery.

Crawford was arrested at his home, with a search warrant alluding to many other suspected stolen items found in his home.

Waisome still hasn’t gotten back all of the property that was stolen from him, but the good news is that those responsible are caught, and the focus on the Seminoles upcoming 2013 college football season can take center stage.

Florida State has a big one to start off the year, visiting Pittsburgh to welcome the Panthers to the ACC in primetime on Labor Day night, with an 8pm ET kickoff.

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