Aaron Hernandez’s Cousin In Custody After Refusing To Testify In Front Of Grand Jury

Aaron HernandezTanya Cummings-Singleton, a cousin of former New England Patriots’ tight end Aaron Hernandez is currently held in contempt revolving around the murder investigation that centers on her cousin.

The reason behind Cummings-Singleton currently being in custody stems from the fact that she would not take the stand in front of a Grand Jury trying to find out information about the case. Police contend that Cummings-Singleton bought a ticket for Ernest Wallace to come up to the area. She has been in custody since August 1.

It just so happens that Wallace is one of three men charged in relation to the murder of Odin Lloyd back on June 17th, for which Hernandez is the prime suspect.

The refusal by Cummings-Singleton to testify certainly raises some more questions about the case. Police took records of both her credit card purchases and phone records according to an ESPN.com report, so it appears that authorities are very interested in what she did and what she may have to say about the case; that is if they are able to get her to testify to the Grand Jury.

Hernandez remains in jail held without bond in connection with the murder of Lloyd. Less than a couple of hours after Hernandez was arrested, he was let go by the Patriots, as New England tries to distance themselves as much as possible from the case with the 2013 NFL season approaching.

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