Johnny Manziel’s Attorney Expects Heisman Winner To Be On Field For 2013 Season Opener

2012 Heisman Trophy Winner Johnny ManzielThe lawyer for Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel said on Thursday that he does not expect to see his client suspended from playing in the Aggies season-opener against Rice.

The Manziel family hired Jim Darnell, who is an attorney from Texas. The Dallas Morning News reported that Darnell is no stranger to representing clients that have issues with the NCAA. Among them include the basketball program of Baylor University, and Tim Floyd, who is the former head basketball coach for the USC Trojans.

Texas A&M University has also hired representation of their own in Manziel’s interest, bringing in Lightfoot, Franklin & White. If those names sound familiar, it’s because Cam Newton was represented by them a few years ago when he was being investigated by the NCAA.

Manziel remains under NCAA investigation after reports surfaced last week that he received money in exchange for signing various memorabilia for autograph brokers. The exact amount was specified to be $7,500. There is an alleged video of Manziel signing, but not accepting money for them.

Darnell said that he has full confidence that Manziel will be suited up and ready to compete for an SEC and national championship in Week 1 of the college football season. The Aggies better hope he is ready to go early, because Alabama comes to town on September 14.

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