Jamaal Charles Injury Update; Chiefs RB Suffers ‘Strained Foot’ With X Rays Negative

Jamaal CharlesIt was reported earlier that Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles had suffered an injury during training camp on Monday.

Charles was carted off the practice field with the injury not known at the time. There was speculation about that ACL that Charles had torn back in 2011 coming to light again. However, the good news for Chiefs’ fans is that head coach Andy Reid said that the injury is a simple foot strain.

The carting off the field of Charles was a precautionary measure. But given the nature of some of the injuries seen in the NFL already this training camp, there was certainly reason to be concerned.

Charles will be a key player in the new regime of Kansas City this season. It’s not just the new coach in Reid, but also a new quarterback in Alex Smith. The dynamic of Smith and Charles will be pivotal to how the Chiefs perform in the AFC West.

Charles rushed for more than 1,500 yards last season, which was the most in his career. While Reid’s offenses have traditionally centered on the pass, there is no doubt that the scheme would have to include significant use of a healthy Charles.

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