NFL Expands Mobile Application; Launches Latest Edition Just In Time For The 2013 Season

NFL MobileThe NFL is launching their latest mobile application to get fans involved online. The ‘NFL Mobile’ app will have new and fast features that can give fans unique content for all of the teams in the league.

What makes this new app different is that is a collage of all the previous applications out there. There have been apps that show highlights, ones that give stats, others that feature live games, and more. This one brings all of those together under one roof, so to speak.

The good news for fans is that all wireless carriers are able to download this app. However, depending on your provider, there could be a few restrictions or features that might be different than other providers.

In the past, Verizon was the exclusive dealer and carrier for the NFL mobile app. This is no longer the case, as the iOS, Android, Windows Phone and the BlackBerry can download it.

For Verizon, user are able to pay $5 per month and get the added benefit of live game action including Thursday Night Football and Monday Night Football.

The official NFL Shop is another thing that users can gain access to as well.

The launch of the new NFL app comes just a month prior to the start of the 2013 NFL regular season. Fans are getting excited and with the application will have access to the latest and great NFL mobile feature out.

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