Atlanta Falcons Visit Tennessee Titans In Preseason Matchup Saturday

The Atlanta Falcons will go on the road in their third preseason game of the season and matchup with the Tennessee Titans. This will be a Saturday night kick off, with things getting going at 8pm ET.

Falcons vs. Titans
  • When:

Sat., Aug. 24th, 2013 @ 7:30pm ET

  • Where:

LP Field, Nashville, TN

  • Who’s Favored?

Titans by 3 ~ 42.5 o/u @ BetOnline

  • More Info:

Tenn. Titans / Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta hasn’t won a game this preseason, but they aren’t too concerned. Their main concern centers on winning the NFC South and contending for a Super Bowl, not winning games in the preseason. The Falcons first string looked good against the Baltimore Ravens last week, getting a 20-7 halftime lead before eventually falling 27-23 in the second half after the starters were resting.

That should at least be encouraging that the Falcons had command of the defending Super Bowl champions. Atlanta’s offense will continue to establish a run game behind Steven Jackson. Quarterback Matt Ryan has looked solid, and should see plenty of time on the field this week against the Titans.

But the concern for Atlanta is about the defense, and if they will be able to come up with the big stops when they need it. With the Falcons going up against Chris Johnson, the run defense should be well tested.

Johnson didn’t have the huge run last week that he did in Week 1 of the preseason, but he has been productive. Expect Johnson to get 10 to 12 carries in this matchup, in what is likely his last preseason.

Jake Locker is still the starting quarterback for Tennessee, despite Ryan Fitzpatrick having a pretty good preseason. Fitzpatrick threw two touchdown passes last week against the Bengals to Locker’s none. Both will likely get close to equal snaps in this Week 3 matchup.

Atlanta Falcons @ Tennessee Titans – Matchup Info + Stats

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