LeSean McCoy Will Be Riley Cooper’s Teammate; His Friend… Not So Much

LeSean McCoy + Riley CooperSome of Riley Cooper’s teammates have forgiven him completely, others have as well but see him in a different light. Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy is one of the latter.

McCoy told CSNPhilly.com he doesn’t believe he and Cooper will be friends going forward.

“I forgive him. We’ve been friends for a long time,” McCoy said. “But in a situation like this, you really find out about someone. Just on a friendship level, I can’t really respect someone like that.”

Of course, this all stems from the now infamous video that surfaced of Cooper dropping n-bombs at a Kenny Chesney concert in June.

With all situations like this, the potential to divide a locker room is there – the Eagles need to make a decision on whether to keep Cooper or to cut him.

Cooper issued an apology this week and was fined by the Eagles. The NFL was fine with the penalty enforced by the Eagles and chose not to pursue further penalties against the receiver.

This comes at a very poor time for Philadelphia – the Eagles lost Jeremy Maclin for the season with a torn ACL last week. Cooper had been the third option behind Maclin and DeSean Jackson but had risen to #2 on the depth chart following Maclin’s injury.

Update: Just after 12pm ET, the Philadelphia Eagles have excused WR Riley Cooper from team activities to seek counseling for his racial-fueled outburst. In a statement released on Friday, Cooper stated, “The best thing for me, and for the team, is to step away for a period of time.”

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