Intriguing QB Matchup Between Philip Rivers And Jay Cutler As Bears Face Chargers On Thursday

The Week 2 preseason game in the NFL between the San Diego Chargers and the Chicago Bears will air on ESPN, so the entire country can watch it. Kickoff will be right about 8pm ET on Thursday night, August 15th.

Chargers vs. Bears
  • When:

Thurs., Aug. 15th, 2013 @ 8:00pm ET

  • Where:

Soldier Field, Chicago IL

  • Who’s Favored?

Bears By 5 ~ 38 o/u @ BetOnline

  • More Info:

Chicago Bears / San Diego Chargers

This is a road to redemption of sorts for both teams. San Diego saw their dominance of the AFC West go out the window with the arrival of Peyton Manning last season. Suddenly, the Chargers found themselves on the outside of the playoffs looking in.

The same can be said for Chicago, who saw both Green Bay and Minnesota advance to the postseason while they were left out in the cold.

Determination is a good term that could be put upon either one of these organizations for the 2013 season, as they are out to prove that they belong.

Two quarterbacks who have certainly shared their fare share of criticism during their careers lead the way for these two teams. San Diego’s Philip Rivers and Chicago’s Jay Cutler definitely have the talent to be top-tier quarterbacks, but both have been prone to making mistakes.

For this preseason matchup, we will probably see these two for quarter or so before the backups come in, but watching both of them play will be the thing to focus on in this one. It’s all about development in this league, even with veterans like Cutler and Rivers. The ability to adapt and get better is the key to survival, and the quarterback that does it best this season will have their team in a great position for the playoffs.

Each has a tough division to play this season, as other teams are the favorites to take the title. This one will be all about the starting quarterbacks.

San Diego Chargers @ Chicago Bears – Matchup Info + Stats

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