Broncos Look To Bounce Back After First Loss; Redskins Come To Town Sunday

The Washington Redskins will visit the Denver Broncos on Sunday afternoon in a late kick off at 4:25pm ET on Fox. The Broncos return home after losing their first game of the season last week on Sunday night to the Indianapolis Colts.

Redskins vs. Broncos
  • When:

Sun., Oct. 27th, 2013 @ 4:25pm ET

  • Where:

Sports Authority Field, Denver, CO

  • Who’s Favored?

DEN by 11.5 ~ 58.5 o/u @ BetOnline

  • More Info:

Redskins / Broncos

It wasn’t a great showing for Peyton Manning and Denver this past weekend. While Manning played fine, the slow start in the first half and on into the early portion of the second half was what ultimately did the Broncos in. Denver’s weakness on defense was certainly evident, and it showed that if the offense has an off-day, the defense hasn’t proven to be able to keep them in the game for long enough to get the going.

It’s obvious that the pass defense is struggling, as the team ranks 32nd in the NFL in passing yards allowed. Contrast that with the top-ranked run defense and it’s easy to see where improvement needs to be made.

That could be tough in this matchup with Robert Griffin III. Not only can Griffin throw the ball, he can move and make plays through the air with his feet. That translates into a secondary having to cover receivers for longer downfield; something that the Broncos have had a very difficult time doing all season long.

The key for that then is the front seven continuing to shut down the run, so that guys can drop back into coverage. Getting pressure to Griffin will definitely be a point of emphasis.

Conversely for The Redskins, it’s hard to figure out how they will be able to stop Manning and the offense. Washington’s defense ranked 22nd against the pass and 29th against the run. That looks like a recipe for giving up a lot of points in this one to the top-ranked scoring offense in the NFL.

Washington Redskins @ Denver Broncos – Matchup Info + Stats

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