$7,500 For Signing Autographs Could Cost Johnny Manziel The 2013 Season

2012 Heisman Trophy Winner Johnny ManzielTexas A&M QB Johnny Manziel reportedly received as much as $7,500 for an autograph session he did with a broker. The incident is alleged to have taken place last January at a hotel in Connecticut – the same he was staying in for the Walter Camp Football Foundation engagement.

Last week it was alleged that the NCAA was looking into Manziel’s dealings with an autograph broker after evidence was shown that may allude to the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner may have violated NCAA sanctions.

It’s pretty much the biggest ‘no-no’ when it comes to collegiate athletes; rule numero-uno if you will – in actuality, it’s NCAA Bylaw that states “Athletes are not allowed to accept money in exchange for autographs or any other kind of benefit under NCAA rules.”

Perhaps it’s a bit ironic that just this year Texas A&M sold tickets to a dinner for $20,000 per head for the chance to sit with Manziel. But that’s for another discussion, another day.

The topic on the table here is whether or not Manziel accepted money for the autograph session for which the broker stated he paid Manziel $7,500. The broker said that the autographs took place on two separate nights, January 11th & 12th, according to an ESPN.com report after Joe Schad talked with the broker.

It was said that Manziel only spent roughly an hour signing about 300 different pictures and items.

Furthermore, the broker said that he has a video of Manziel signing, though Manziel actually accepting any form of compensation is not shown on said video. ESPN confirms that the video was shot on the alleged night of the incident and that Manziel did not know about the filming.

But, what was in the video was audio of Manziel talking about new rims for his car, and a statement, “you never did a signing with me,” when parting with the broker in question.

As for what this means for Manziel, the NCAA investigation continues forward. The Aggies football season will go on, with or without Manziel, and it starts August 31st versus the Rice Owls.

If Manziel is suspended by the NCAA, and that could end up being what ultimately happens, Texas A&M’s chances to win the BCS National Championship would go down significantly.

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